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Charges urged on Reynolds collision

Police in Canada have recommended charging a photographer after Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds was allegedly hit by a car.

The pair were reportedly involved in a confrontation in Vancouver on Friday and Reynolds was apparently hit as the 52-year-old photographer tried to escape from a hotel's underground parking garage.

Police spokesman Brian Montague said officers had spoken with Reynolds, who had a sore knee and back but was okay to return to work the next day.

Mr Montague said officers spoke with several people, pulled security video and identified a suspect "quite early".

He said a man was arrested at the police station and remains in custody, and officials have recommended a charge of intimidation. His car has been seized.

Mr Montague said a charge of intimidation is uncommon and applies to someone who persistently follows someone or watches where a person works or lives.

Vancouver-born Reynolds is in the city to film his new movie Deadpool.


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