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Charity song aims for chart success

With the X Factor in full swing and gearing up to claim the Christmas Number One spot for the sixth time in the last seven years, those seeking to challenge the ITV talent show's almost complete domination of the festive chart are also leaping into action.

Hundreds of people took over the centre of a quiet rural Cotswolds town to star in the video for a charity song to be released for Christmas.

The song, Meet Me In Winter, will raise money for the homelessness charity Shelter and a local youth centre in Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, where the local residents braved gloomy autumn weather in their droves to star in its video.

Local musician Katie Elliott, who co-wrote the song with lyricist Anthony Marks, has already enlisted their help and that of a local choir to make the song, which was inspired by her own problems.

Last year, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Katie became ill and walked out into the snow without a coat, not knowing where she was going or what she was going to do.

"While I was in hospital, I became very aware that many people there didn't have the kind of support that I did. I have a family, people around me to help when I need it and a home - but lots of people struggling with mental health issues don't have those things," she said.

"Over time, I realised that I want to speak out about these issues. I want to see how much of a positive difference regular people like us can make in the world. By coming together on a huge scale to demonstrate what community means to us, can we create something which touches, inspires and helps people nationwide?"

The video is being directed by London filmmaker Alberto Bona and record producer Ian Dean is masterminding both the single and the video, whilst celebrated designer David Hillman has come up with a logo for the project.

The track itself is being produced by Ian Dean, who has previously worked with former Beatles producer George Martin, Paul McCartney, deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie and Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler.

Meet Me In Winter's website,, also features stories, photos, films and pictures sent in by local people of all ages, celebrating the local community and creating a snapshot of life in Wotton-under-Edge in 2011.


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