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Charlie Dimmock insists pin-up days 'long gone' ahead of new gardening show

Charlie Dimmock has said her pin-up days are far behind her as she returns to television with a new gardening series.

The horticulturalist became a sex symbol when she appeared on the BBC's Ground Force between 1997 and 2005, where she was known for going bra-less.

But Dimmock told Radio Times that on her new programme, Garden Rescue, she hopes her co-hosts David and Harry Rich get more attention than she does.

"All that was all so silly and a long time ago," she said.

Dimmock, 49, said of being on a television show again: "Move along, move along, I'll say!

"Look at the boys, they're much more attractive.

"On this series I can be a grumpy old cow - or, as they termed me, 'the dragon', but I hope with love in their voice."

Dimmock has rarely been on our screens since Ground Force came to an end but said she has never stopped working as a gardener.

She said: "People think that if you're suddenly not on telly, you've stopped working. That doesn't happen, because we all have mortgages to pay.

"I had been on TV a very long time (1997 to 2005), but I had always been doing other things.

"Ground Force ran its course. It was of its time. It was good fun, very enjoyable, and it had its run."

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