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Charlie Dimmock: 'I've heard whisperings about a Ground Force revival'

Gardening favourite Ground Force is fast approaching its 20th anniversary later this year.

Charlie Dimmock thinks she would be "too old" to star in a Ground Force revival.

The 50-year-old gardener found fame on the BBC show alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh. It wasn't so much Charlie's green fingers that fans tuned in for though, as she was famous for not wearing a bra and then undertaking some physically gruelling tasks on the programme.

Ground Force began in September 1997, meaning it's fast approaching its 20th anniversary, and Charlie was asked if she thinks a reboot is in the pipeline as she launched The Ricola herb garden in London on Tuesday (09May17).

"I have heard whisperings," she told The Sun Online. But the red-headed beauty all but ruled herself out of a potential revival, adding: "We’re too old. I know Tommy says, 'Oh yeah we could do it again'."

Charlie was just 31 when Ground Force made her a sex symbol. But when she looks back at her time on the show, Charlie doesn't miss the level of fame she had at the height of the series' success.

"I didn’t really miss it. I was doing other things. We had quite a long run on Ground Force. We did it for eight, nine years so it was enough,” she shrugged.

Charlie is now back on the small screen in series Garden Rescue, which sees her give garden makeovers to families across the U.K. while competing against garden designers the Rich Brothers. And while Charlie loves having the chance to show off her gardening skills on television again, she doesn't like all aspects of being a small screen star.

"I have to say doing the first series, I forgot how irritating it can be doing TV," she continued. "You've got rose tinted glasses so you forget about horizontal rain and snow and the directors going, Oh you've got to have some more colour in the garden, we want to use these plants and you don't because they don't work with the scheme."

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