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Charlize Theron 'screamed' at lazy Easter bunny during kids' party

Charlize Theron didn't expect an Easter bunny she hired last year (16) to be wearing such a dirty suit.

Charlize Theron once acted like a "psycho mom" when she demanded an Easter bunny take her kids on an egg hunt during a party she threw.

The Mad Max: Fury Road actress has adopted children Jackson and August, who she welcomed into her family in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

In the lead up to Easter Sunday (16Apr17), Charlize recalled how her family celebrated the holiday last year (16) during a chat with Jimmy Kimmel.

Although she suspected Jackson didn't understand what Easter was about, in 2016 she threw him a party after he "begged" her, and hired a man to dress up as an Easter bunny at the event.

"I got a bad bunny!" she laughed on Thursday's (13Apr17) Jimmy Kimmel Live! "First of all the bunny outfit was dirty, like really dirty. I wanted the nice fluffy white bunny... I don't know, it was not just dirt, it was like, 'Is that food or is that vomit?'

"And I have video of me trying to encourage the bunny to take the kids on the egg hunt and it's the worst video ever because really I'm just screaming at the bunny, 'Can you take the kids? It's time to go find the Easter eggs,' and just lounging in my furniture. I'm like this psycho mom going, 'Get up!'"

Charlize joked the bad bunny experience has meant she'll be vetting the character actor this year (17).

The 41-year-old star also shared a story about running into Jimmy's talk show sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez at a recent soccer game where his son was playing, admitting she couldn't contain her excitement when she saw him.

"You could not have been any cooler and I felt a little bit like I was having that fan thing, I was like, 'Guillermo!' and he was hanging out with all the dads and was being really cool..." she laughed as Guillermo stood by. "I was running like slow motion across the park to get to him."

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