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Chelsea's Ellis gets death threats

Made In Chelsea star Gabriella Ellis has received death threats on the internet from viewers of the reality show.

The posh party girl - who has an ongoing feud with Cheska Hull in the E4 show - has been targeted by internet trolls insulting her about the shape of her jaw, and blamed "extreme" editing on the show for making her look "b****y", reports The Sun.

Gabriella said: "I'm finding this series stressful - very stressful. I have had some death threats already. They have come through on Twitter.

"The editing is extreme in this series. I think this time they have tried to make as much drama as possible.

"It is a lot more b****y and I think people are noticing that.

"You just have to know that it is a show and there is editing and we aren't exactly what you see on camera and you haven't met us."

But the 24-year-old aspiring singer isn't taking the cruel comments to heart.

She said: "It is because of the way my teeth are aligned. I am going to have to have it broken at some point and it will break my teeth away - it's scary!

"I'm not doing it for the pressure or because of Twitter bullying. I'm going to postpone getting it done for as long as possible and not get it done for a long time."


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