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Chelsee never happy with her body

Chelsee Healey has admitted she'll never be happy with her body.

The former Waterloo Road star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant had a breast enlargement at the age of 18.

She confessed: "I've never been happy with my body and I'm not sure I ever will be.

"You have to try and be happy but I'm often not happy when my body changes."

The 5ft 1in actress added: "I've always said I should have waited longer before making the decision.

"If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have had them done. I was only 18 when I had the enlargement and my breasts hadn't stopped developing, so I do regret it."

Chelsee, 24, said: "I feel good when I'm working out. The older I've got, the more care I take with my body. I feel better when I eat healthily."

Chelsee, who rose to fame as the insolent Janeece Bryant in school-based drama Waterloo Road, partly blames her partying lifestyle for the break-up last year of her relationship with Bristol Rovers footballer Oliver Norburn.

"If there was somebody keeping me at home, I would stay in more," she said.

"I do regret going out that much while I was in the relationship [with Oliver], but what's done is done."


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