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Chenoweth's reality TV downtime

Kristin Chenoweth has confessed to being a bit of a reality TV addict when she is not working

The 46-year-old singer and actress admitted she enjoys lazing around during her spare time, getting a take-away and indulging in her guilty pleasure.

Asked what she did in her free time she said: "It is not exciting. My answer is a little embarrassing, because even in my downtime I'm an over-achiever.

"I am a type A personality. I want to say: 'Let's go to a spa, then let's drive down to the mall, and then let's walk the dog, and then go see a movie and then let's...' but the truth of the matter is that sometimes I just lie in my bed, flipping the channels, petting my dog and ordering in food.

"All that is such a gift for me because I do not get to do it very often. I get teased a lot because I like the Real Housewives franchise. I can zone out and look at the silliness and craziness and giggle and laugh and nothing is expected of me. It is just chill. I love it!"

Kristin, who voices Gabi the poisonous frog in Rio 2, revealed how she over-indulged in junk food - before an all-important singing scene.

"The day I was recording Poisonous Love I wanted to be ready and rested. However, these animation people always have chips and chocolate and Coke around for us... all the things I love," she recalled.

"Out of nervousness I found myself eating chocolate bars and I realised that, 'Oh no I am going to have to sing now.' And for the first few takes my voice sounded like charred glass! I was so embarrassed. But it was a real joy to do this film. I loved it."

Rio 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray now.


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