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Cheryl Cole reveals beauty secrets

Cheryl Cole has revealed her beauty and fitness secrets.

The former Girls Aloud singer told what her regime was to keep her hair glossy and figure toned.

She said: "I'm really good at using weekly hair masks to keep [my hair] in good condition. I went away for my birthday and didn't use a mask as often as I normally would and I really noticed the difference. It's just something you've got to do."

On her lack of a diet, Cheryl, 30, said: "I don't follow any strict diets, I just eat sensibly. I'm not eating McDonald's or pizza every day but I do allow myself one cheat day a week, normally on a Sunday.

"I have a really sweet tooth and love cupcakes, doughnuts and basically anything that's really bad for you."

Cheryl admitted she was more strict when it came to exercise: "I'm still doing the Tracy Anderson Method, I swear by it. I see a trainer and they change the programme after every 10 sessions, you have to keep your body guessing. I also use the DVD at home."


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