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Cheryl's marriage to Ashley Cole could be dissolved by Easter

Footballer Ashley Cole could be single again before the World Cup if his pop star wife Cheryl decides to follow their separation with divorce, lawyers said.

Julian Hawkhead said it should be “relatively painless” if the couple made their split permanent.

Mr Hawkhead, a partner at Stowe Family Law, in North Yorkshire, said: “A case where it's young people and no children and both with lots of money, it should be an easy divorce.”

He said the couple may have already started negotiating a settlement behind the scenes and could divorce within three or four months. Mr Hawkhead said the couple's assets, including their £6m Surrey mansion, could be divided.

“I think Ashley probably earns a bit more than Cheryl so she might want a share of his earnings but she has good earnings in her own right.”

He said the pair could be single again “by the time of the World Cup” in June.

“The impression is they are both keen to get on with it. A lot of it's about image. It doesn't help either of them to have their dirty linen aired in public.”

Kevin Harris-James, a lawyer in family and sports law at Irwin Mitchell, in Birmingham agreed.

He said: “It is in both parties' interests to agree to divorce with dignity, instead of turning their separation into a media circus.”

Lawyer and broadcaster Mark Stephens, of London-based Finers Stephens Innocent, said the couple could be divorced soon after Easter.

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