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Cheryl's North/South dress divide

Cheryl Cole has claimed there is "absolutely" a North/South divide when it comes to women's style in the UK.

Newcastle lass Cheryl hinted in an interview to be broadcast on ITV1's Lorraine on Thursday morning that she believes girls from up North are more glamorous than those down South.

Asked if she thought Newcastle girls had a different fashion sense to London girls, she said: ""Definitely, 100%, but again I love it.

"And in Liverpool too, I mean Newcastle, yeah absolutely, in Liverpool, those girls go all in. They don't mess around up there - we are talking full-on glamour."

The former X Factor judge also revealed she admires Lady Gaga's bold style, but confessed she could never be as brave as the Born This Way singer.

Cheryl said: "I think Lady Gaga has took it to the extreme and nobody had dared to go there before. I think she's fascinating. I mean, I'm not as brave or as bold as to do some of the things she does myself, but I admire her a lot."

The 29-year-old star - who attracted criticism for the orange and purple outfit she chose to wear for the launch of US X Factor - insisted negative comments about her clothes do not bother her.

She said: "I don't care. I like what I wore, else I wouldn't have worn it."

Cheryl Cole's interview will be shown on Wednesday on Lorraine, ITV1, between 8.30am and 9.25am.


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