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Chief 'unaware of Sheen escort'

A police commander in Washington DC was unaware that officers provided actor Charlie Sheen with an escort last week, according to reports.

In an email reportedly sent to other police officials, and in response to questions from the media, Commander Hilton Burton demanded details about the escort given to Charlie on the way to a performance in the city.

Charlie, who flew into Dulles International Airport, was said to be running late for the show after attending a child custody hearing earlier in the day in Los Angeles.

Charlie posted on Twitter that he had received a police escort to the show and included a photograph of a speedometer registering about 80 mph. His promotional company has repaid the US city for the cost of the escort.

His post read: "In car with Police escort in front and rear! Driving like someone's about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights (hash)Spinning!"

In response to a series of written questions about the escort, Com Burton told subordinates in the email, "This is why we should not do escorts for any and every body."

Com Burton also demanded to know who approved the escort.

Police chief Cathy Lanier said escorts were generally reserved for the president, vice president and visiting heads of state, though exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. She also said Charlie's escort appeared to violate police protocol.


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