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Children write Doctor Who episode

Fans of Doctor Who will be able to watch a special one-off episode of the Timelord's adventures when the latest series ends.

The three-minute spin-off show, called Death Is The Only Answer, was written by a group of children from Oakley Junior School in Basingstoke, Hampshire, after they entered a BBC competition.

The pupils travelled to studios in Cardiff to see their script brought to life and met the show's star Matt Smith.

Matt said: "It was so clever, we were all just bowled over, it was a brilliant script."

The script is a closely guarded secret but involves the doctor, a well known historical figure and a fez.

The show's writer Steven Moffat, who helped choose the winning script from all the entries, said it was "very, very difficult to judge".

He said: "There was some really, really skilled writing, it was very exciting how they caught the voice of the Doctor and how they used the always stringent limitations of Doctor Who to their advantage.

"I come from a family of teachers, I was a teacher, my father's a teacher, my sister's a teacher. We go back teacher generations so it's hard wired for me to want the approval of teachers, so I'm very, very thrilled that it's gone down so well with the schools that took part."

The second part of the series starts this Saturday and finishes on Saturday October 1 after six episodes.


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