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Chilean double bill has a deep resonance

By Grania McFadden

Calling all politicians. Should we remember the past? How? Prime Cut continues its sterling work in bringing international drama to Belfast – showing us we're neither alone nor unique.

The first play in Chilean writer Guillermo Calderon's double bill sees three young women charged with deciding what should be done with the site of some of the country's worst atrocities, a villa-turned-torture centre. Substitute 'Maze' for 'Villa' and pull up a chair...

Roisin McBrinn's uncluttered direction keeps us focused on the trio trying to decide what shape the past will make on the future. Should the Villa be rebuilt as a memorial? Replaced with a museum? Transformed into an art gallery? Just as agreement looks possible, a dissenting voice emerges.

Discurso, the second play on the bill, features an imagined farewell speech from Chile's first female leader Michelle Bachelet. It's a compelling performance from Eleanor Methven – a 60-minute monologue which gives a moving glimpse of the human behind the mask.

Four stars

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