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Chiles gets his own ITV chatshow

Adrian Chiles has been handed his own chatshow - despite poor ratings on Daybreak, according to reports.

The Sun newspaper said that ITV wants to turn Adrian, 43, who joined the broadcaster this year, into "the next Clive James" with That Sunday Night Show.

An ITV source told the newspaper: "It will be built around Adrian's personality, so it will have humour and be thought-provoking. We see him as a successor to Clive James, they share the same wry approach to life."

The show, which will be piloted next month, will feature guests and also look at the week's current events.

Figures released last week showed that just 530,000 viewers were tuning in to watch Christine Bleakley and Adrian on ITV1 breakfast show Daybreak, a third of the audience for its BBC rival, Breakfast.

Clive was the face of several primetime TV shows during the peak of his career, including The Clive James Show, Saturday Night Clive, and Clive James On Television.


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