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Chloe: Brits obsessed with accents

Chloe Sevigny has claimed the British are obsessed with accents.

The American actress stars in new Sky Atlantic drama Hit And Miss, as a transsexual contract killer who learns she has a child and suddenly finds herself caring for a family in Manchester. The Boys Don't Cry star revealed she worked hard on her accent because she felt the British audience would judge her on it.

Chloe said: "I think first of all we decided on the accent and where she was going to be from. I think people in the UK are obsessed with accents and where each other are from and it's such a big part of someone's identity.

"I think in a way that's unfathomable in America. People aren't as obsessed with it. I knew that was going to be a big part of it."

The Big Love star and the rest of the Hit And Miss cast attended a special screening of the new show, from Shameless creator Paul Abbott.

Chloe, 37, sparked outrage during filming of the show when she branded Manchester "one of the grimmest places I have ever been" and complained it rained all the time.

But she said: "I love it, I love the size and there are great things to do there but I guess I was lonely. I didn't meet a lot of people so I felt very isolated, which maybe was good for the part because that's the way Mia feels."

Hit And Miss begins on May 22.


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