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Chloe Sims: 'I won't film with Pete Wicks or Megan McKenna anymore'

Chloe Sims has branded Megan McKenna an "attention seeker".

Chloe Sims has refused to film any more The Only Way Is Essex scenes with Pete Wicks or Megan McKenna.

The 34-year-old reality star has hit headlines in recent weeks amid allegations she and Pete became close during a brief split he had from Megan. Pete and Megan have now called time on their relationship once and for all, but that doesn't mean Chloe's rumoured involvement has been forgotten.

Chloe has now revealed that she has put her foot down and told TOWIE bosses she’ll no longer shoot alongside Pete or Megan, for fear of what the horrid comments she’s receiving online are doing to her 12-year-old daughter Madison.

"I've taken myself out of the situation with Megan and Pete and have stopped filming with them," Chloe wrote in her Star magazine column. "I'm getting trolled and abused online and I don't want kids in Maddie's school seeing what they're writing about her mum."

It's not just Madison who is being affected by the vicious remarks though. Chloe is also struggling to deal with the constant trolling she is receiving from online haters.

"People are getting really personal about my looks and as a mother - and it's not just youngsters, believe it or not!" she continued. "I've now turned off the comments on Instagram so people can't be cruel any more. It's mentally draining being abused every day."

Chloe's remarks come after she branded Megan an "attention seeker", for denying she has been spending time with Pete following their split.

Speaking to Tommy Mallet and his girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou about the situation, Chloe ranted: "As much as I am Pete’s friend I can’t deal with all the b**locks! The thing is with Megan, she keeps going round making all these comments saying ‘everyone is getting involved’. No one gives a f**k!"

"They (Megan and Pete) are both sitting there in front of all of our friends, 'oh yeah we can just about be civil' and all this other s**t, this is why I say she is an attention-seeker, I can’t get my head around it, cause I think that is an attention seeking thing to do, to pretend you are not spending time together, when you are.”

She concluded: "It’s frustrating cause she keeps on saying 'oh but I’ve always liked Chloe'. Well I know for a fact she didn’t, so you’re fake, I don’t like her, it’s simple."

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