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Chloe's parents fitness plan flops

Chloe Madeley tried to get her TV presenter parents fitter but said they are probably "stuck in their ways".

The personal trainer, 27, said Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan stopped drinking wine for two months, but the super fit reality TV star said she felt "guilty" because her parents are "happy".

Madeley, who appeared in the latest series of The Jump, also defended pictures she posts of herself, saying she does not see them as "being sexy".

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday about Richard and Judy, she said: "I managed to get them to cut out wine, which worked for two months before that stopped.

"I don't know why but it's probably because they are stuck in their ways.

"It made me feel guilty because I don't want to push them too much because they are happy."

On photos of herself, she told the newspaper: "I don't see the pictures I post as being sexy. What I'm doing is showing off my muscles, like my quads, my hamstrings and my abs.

"I pose in a sports bra and pants because it's not going to work in a onesie!"


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