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Chris and Rosie Ramsey say ‘roasting’ each other improves their relationship

The couple jointly host their Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed podcast.


Chris and Rosie Ramsey (Lia Toby/PA)

Chris and Rosie Ramsey (Lia Toby/PA)

Chris and Rosie Ramsey (Lia Toby/PA)

Chris and Rosie Ramsey have said that “roasting” each other on their podcast is good for their relationship.

Criticising each other on Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed has brought them “closer together”, according to Chris.

In the podcast, which is currently on tour and will see the pair perform at the Wembley Arena, the couple discuss intimate details of their lives and chat to celebrity guests.

Speaking at the Audio & Radio Industry Awards (Arias), Chris said: “It has brought us closer together.

“There was a study that said couples who roast each other and take the piss out of each other loads are much healthier.

“We were just doing that anyway and then we just started recording it.”

Strictly Come Dancing Launch 2019 – London
Chris competed in Strictly Come Dancing last year (Ian West/PA)

Rosie added that they are “like that anyway in real life”.

She said: “Chris’s comedy has been taking the mick out of our marriage for seven years, nearly.

“This is kind of me answering back.”

Rosie said she had no concerns about Chris being tempted into an infidelity by the “curse of Strictly” when he was on the BBC show last year.

Chris said: “In the build up to Strictly, when everyone was asking about the curse, Rosie was saying things like ‘you can have him’, so that was nice.”

Rosie said she had no concerns about him during his Strictly Come Dancing run because he “wasn’t that good”.