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Chris Brown and Lil Wayne involved in federal drug probe

An investigation into the stars' relationship with a Miami drug dealer is underway.

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have become targets of a federal drug investigation following their reported links to an alleged Miami drug dealer.

South Florida based music producer Harrison Garcia is currently standing trial for selling illegal narcotics, and during the third day of litigation on Thursday (06Apr17), U.S. Homeland Security Agent Kevin Selent revealed Brown and Wayne appear to be implicated as collaborators in drug deals in evidence unearthed in the case.

Sources tell U.S. newspaper The Sun Herald that while Selent was testifying in court, he pointed to evidence of a text message defendant Garcia sent to one of his female associates, in which he bragged about a $15,000 (GBP12,100) bank credit that was wired to his account by Brown.

Attaching a screenshot photo of the official bank transaction from "Christopher Brown" to the message, Garcia allegedly texted the woman: "Look who put money my account (sic)".

The lady replied, "What that for LOL (sic)", and then, after attaching several smiley face emojis to his response, Garcia shot back a text to her stating: "Drugs... lean and s**t."

Lean, the street name for a popular codeine cough syrup intoxicant mixed with soda, is a substance rapper Lil Wayne has openly admitted to using in the past, and according to agent Selent's testimony, Garcia confessed to selling "a lot of narcotics" to the hip hop superstar after he was arrested last October (16).

Prosecutors also submitted damning photographic evidence featuring Garcia posing with Brown and Lil Wayne. The defendant was snapped with Brown on the Loyal singer's private plane in one picture and, in another, he was pictured on an airport runway while accompanying the Grammy-winner to a concert in Albania.

Prosecutors contend the pictures reveal Garcia did more than just party with the two stars.

Agent Selent declined to give more details about the depth of the probe federal authorities have launched into the two superstars, but he confirmed Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are under investigators' radar: “It’s still an open investigation. I can't talk about it," he stated.

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