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Chris: No clue on Thick Of It role

Chris Addison isn't sure if his character will feature in the new series of The Thick Of It - because of real-life changes in Government.

The comedian and actor is best known to TV viewers as policy advisor Ollie Reeder in the award-winning BBC Two political satire.

A fourth series has been commissioned and creator Armando Iannucci is due to start writing it this month. But with a new Government in power, where does that leave Ollie and co?

"Ollie's out of power, isn't he, so I don't know how involved he is with the series. I honestly don't know if I'll still be in it," says Chris, coyly.

Assuming he will be, how does he think Ollie would find being in opposition? "Frustrating. Opposition is dull, I think that's why there's so much in-fighting because there's nothing else for them to do. They don't have the pressures of fate on them, they're just preparing to fight those other guys, so they've got lots of time on their hands."

When the coalition government took over last May, there were calls for a special one-off episode of the sitcom to satirise the Cameron-Clegg relationship, but Chris says he's glad they waited.

"You have to remember, when The Thick Of It came out, Labour had been in power for eight years, we knew everything about them. We don't really know what the coalition is. We've decided on our jokes about it: Nick Clegg is evil and Cameron is a toff, but that's about it.

"With Labour, we knew Campbell and we knew Mandelson, but politics now is full of very anonymous people. So you have to wait and see. Armando of course has inside sources, but you have to let it all bed in first."


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