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Chris Pine unperturbed by onscreen nudity

Actor Chris Pine describes his mother Gwynne Gilford as the "strongest" person he knows.

Chris Pine can’t understand why censors and studios make such a big deal about onscreen nudity.

The actor has risen through the ranks since heading to Hollywood in 2003, having starred in a diverse range of films including The Princess Diaries 2, Star Trek, and Wonder Woman.

While Chris has had his fair share of shirtless scenes, he can’t understand why such a big deal is still made about nude scenes in films.

"I think the way our society deals with nudity is so stupid," he told America’s Cosmopolitan magazine. "Whenever people are getting out of bed in a movie, a woman is covering her breasts and a man is covering his junk. That's not real life! If you're getting out of bed, just be naked. That's what people do!"

In Wonder Woman, which hit screens in June (17), the 36-year-old plays Steve Trevor, a pilot who crashed in an island paradise and meets Diana (Gal Gadot), who has been trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Chris has previously discussed his delight in appearing in such a female-focused film, and has learned that listening is the key to success in both his personal and professional life.

"One (relationship) lesson I had to learn was to listen. Some people do that naturally, but I didn't. If you shut up for a minute and listen to you partner, whether it’s in life or in the bedroom, you can learn so much," he said.

As well as Gal, Wonder Woman also stars Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, and was directed by Patty Jenkins. But for Chris, his mother Gwynne Gilford remains a prevailing inspiration.

"My mother went back to school when I was 13 and worked five different jobs so she could get a college degree and then her master's," the actor smiled. "Now, she's a psychotherapist and very successful. She's the strongest person I know."

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