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Chrissy Teigen ‘blocks more than one million people’ on Twitter over trolling

She said she has been targeted by ‘sick psychopaths’.


(Ian West/PA)

(Ian West/PA)

(Ian West/PA)

Chrissy Teigen has said she has blocked more than one million people on Twitter over trolling.

The TV presenter and model also previously revealed she has deleted 60,000 tweets because she is being targeted by “idiots”, adding she is “worried” for her family.

On Wednesday she said that even after blocking so many accounts she is “still flooded with sick psychopaths”.

She added: “So please, spare me the, ‘Just ignore them, they’re just trolls’.

“Anyhow I’ll do my best to stop entertaining them. They have definitely been living for this and have zeroed in on only me.”

Teigen said she had used a block chain tool, which allows for large numbers of accounts to be cut off in one go.

She added that she had been assisted by US journalist Yashar Ali.

“People I’ve never met have been so, so kind and huge thank you to Yashar Ali especially,” she said.

“Yashar has spent the entire day helping me, non-stop. And sends me funny pictures.

“And lets me vent and cry. And gives me his therapists. I love you, man.”

Teigen previously said she was receiving “scary harassment” as she shared posts from users sharing conspiracy theories about her and husband John Legend.