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Christian Slater keen to impress children with role in Star Wars

Hollywood star Christian Slater has pleaded for a role in Star Wars because he says it is the only thing that will make him seem cool with his children.

Slater, who is currently starring in the new Amazon Prime drama Mr Robot, reckons a role in the famous franchise would go a long way.

Talking to Radio Times about whether his children (Jaden and Eliana) have watched his classic movie, he said: " Nothing I do will ever be cool in his (Jaden's) eyes. Unless I was in Star Wars."

The star, whose hit movies include The Name Of The Rose and Heathers, reckons The Force would be strong in him, if he got a role.

"I'm interested in doing things that scare the heck out of me, and that would be a fear I would be willing to walk through," he said. "It would make my son happy, and frankly I need all the leverage I can get to make me seem cool at home. Please, help me out, talk to some people and make it happen."

The actor also praised shows like Breaking Bad, saying: "It's virtually impossible to get the funds together to make an independent film these days, but luckily there are other platforms so creative and talented people can get their visions seen."

He also admitted he had sent Breaking Bad's executive producer Vince Gilligan fan letters.

"I haven't asked to work with him but he knows I have a great deal of respect for him, so who knows?" he said.


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