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Christina Applegate: ‘I’m the go-to girl for cancer advice’

Christina Applegate is trying to build a sisterhood of cancer survivors to help others get through their battles against the disease.

Christina Applegate is the go-to girl if any friends of friends get diagnosed with cancer.

Vacation star Christina revealed she was battling breast cancer in 2008 and, after having a double mastectomy, was declared cancer free.

While she may no longer be suffering with the disease, she has experienced some lasting effects - notably how she now chooses to live her life.

“I just try to live as stress-free as I can because nothing is that important to put your body through stress,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “There really isn’t anything important. Are you breathing? Then you’re good. But I’m the go-to girl now for anyone who has a friend that’s diagnosed and I will usually take them through their full journey.”

Since suffering from the illness herself, the 44-year-old actress has confirmed she inherited the BRCA1 mutation which caused her breast cancer. Her mother is also a breast cancer survivor.

Part of helping others on their journey through the illness is being there to talk to whenever anyone needs her.

“I’ll sit on the phone for hours and hours and that’s kind of my pay it forward,” she explained. “I try to build a sisterhood. I know women now who are doing that for their friends and so on and so forth. It’s about building this community. It’s a beautiful community because no one really understands what you’re going through.”

Christina latest films, Bad Moms, started hitting cinemas in July (16), and lands in the U.K. on 26 August.

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