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Christina Hendricks: 'People have thanked me for speaking out about childlessness'

Christina Hendricks' decision to go public with her plan to remain childless has won her high praise from others who do not want to have kids.

In 2014, the 42-year-old actress hit the headlines when she revealed that she and her husband Geoffrey Arend, 39, were not planning to have children.

Some criticised her stance, but now she tells British newspaper The Times many people have thanked her for being so honest - and breaking the taboo surrounding women and couples who decide not to have kids.

"There were a lot of people who came and thanked me for saying it out loud, and I thought, 'Well isn't it sad, that we can't say it out loud?' Christina explains. "I really don't understand the hullabaloo around it. There's people who have kids and people who don't have kids. We're the people who don't have kids."

The Mad Men star gushed that her marriage to Geoffrey is an extremely happy one, and they don't need to add children.

"We'll celebrate eight years of marriage in October (17)," she explains. "We've been together for almost 10. (It) does not feel that long at all. I just know him so well. I've never known anyone that well in my life... He understands me and listens to my c**p and still somehow loves me and I'm grateful for that."

Despite deciding not to have children herself, Christina hasn't been able to entirely avoid the pains of pregnancy as she's starring in a new film, called Egg, in which she plays a woman who is eight months pregnant.

The star has been spending 12 hour days wearing a strap-on pregnant belly, and says it's "awful" pretending to be a mum-to-be, revealing the role has left her with terrible back pain.

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