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Christine Bleakley: That no-frills dress leaves me cold

By Frances Burscough

A new series of Dancing on Ice kicked off last night and as always, all eyes were on the show's Northern Irish presenter Christine Bleakley to see what she was wearing.

After much criticism in the past for some hideous fashion faux pas, she appeared to follow the age-old advice "less is more". Errr ... except that in this case, unfortunately it wasn't. In this case, she took the no frills approach rather too literally.

Sure, that very simple monochrome gown was certainly chic in some ways. The sumptuous satin-backed crepe silk was cut to fit her statuesque figure like a glove. The boned black bodice showed off her tiny waist and slender arms, while the contrasting white skirt emphasised her enviably long legs. No doubt it was all beautifully made.

But in my opinion, there was more wrong than right with the overall ensemble. For a start, the super-straight décolletage completely flattened what meagre bosom she actually has. If only there had been a deep scoop or a cut-away detail somewhere along the bustline, it would have been far more flattering and shapely.

Even those flaws might have been retrievable with some clever accessorising with statement jewellery or even a new hair do. But no.

Her much older co-presenter Jane Torville showed her how glamorous ought to be done. With a sparkling sequin gown matching perfectly with her gleaming blonde hair, the ex-champion looked a million dollars.

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