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Christine: Family will have to wait

Christine Bleakley said she "can't imagine not being" with boyfriend Frank Lampard but said wedding plans and a family will have to wait.

The Daybreak host said the footballer was "a brilliant daddy" and would be happy to have more children.

She told SHE magazine: "I think he'd be very happy about it. I have another couple of years of getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning. But definitely would like to do it."

Christine admitted she was wary of Frank, who plays for Chelsea and England, when she first met him because he was a footballer.

She said: "I was very cautious, because I read newspapers.

"Sadly footballers, whether good or bad, come with a certain stereotype."

Asked about possible wedding plans, she said: "Technically, I should be the last person to know it because it's up to him to do the asking. I can't imagine not being with him.

"He jokingly talks about the marriage thing, but I'm in no hurry. I'm very happy the way that we are."

:: You can read the full interview in SHE, on sale now.


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