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Christine Lampard: I'm always hounded about not having children

By Cate McCurry

Northern Ireland presenter Christine Lampard has revealed she is constantly asked when she is going to have a baby following her marriage to retired footballer Frank Lampard.

The Newtownards-born star opened up about her family plans during a discussion on Loose Women, saying she is "okay" with not having children at the age of 38.

The panellists were talking about whether mothers and women who don't have children can truly be friends when the presenter made the comments.

Christine, who has been with former England footballer Frank for eight years and married for two, previously admitted she felt under pressure to have children.

Speaking during yesterday's debate about friendships between mothers and childless women, Christine said: "It's one of those things that I understand. I've got lots of friends who still don't have any children and lots of friends who do.

"My two best friends have children and we have a very honest relationship, so they will be the first to say 'Oh gosh it was really tough today, I'm knackered', or this has happened or that has happened and I'm always their light relief, so when we get together it's like 'This is the naughty night now, the children are left at home'.

"We have this perfect balance between me not having children and them having children, so I don't believe this is necessarily the case.

"If you want to be friends with someone, I don't care what their family set-up is, you can make it work.

Christine and Frank Lampard with his daughters Isla and Luna

"You've got to be giving. If a mum can't make it because the little one is sick or there's a school thing, as a friend with no children I totally respect that, so I don't quite get that argument."

Christine was asked by panellist Lisa Riley whether she had ever felt "slightly patronised", asking "have they ever done the titled head before like 'Are you alright with this (not having children)'?"

Christine agreed, saying: "I have had that lots, but then they're not my mates. My good mates would never in a million years say that to me.

"You get it definitely from others and it doesn't always mean that they mean it in a bad way, to be fair. It's because they are very happy with their lot and they sort of assume 'Well you must not be because your life isn't the same as mine'.

"It's not always a badness thing, but I do get it and sometimes I say 'No, honestly I'm okay'."

Christine has previously spoken about how she approached the role of step-mum to Frank's two daughters and how she has never tried to be their mum.

"They know I'm their little mate," she said. "I don't want to be their mummy. That was never even a thought."

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