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Christine Lampard reveals joy of motherhood at 40

Christine Lampard with her husband Frank after giving birth last year
Christine Lampard with her husband Frank after giving birth last year

By Staff Reporter

TV presenter Christine Lampard has said she thought her heart "would burst" as she held her newborn daughter Patricia in her arms for the first time.

The 40-year-old Newtownards-born star, who married football manager Frank Lampard in December 2015, revealed that she didn't start thinking about having a baby until last year.

She gave birth in September.

Christine told the Daily Mail that she hadn't been "hiding some kind of heartache".

"People would ask all the time about children and didn't seem to believe me when I said: 'If it happens, it happens'," she said.

"They thought I was hiding some kind of heartache. I wasn't!

"Having a baby wasn't something I actively thought about until last year, when we started trying. I was happy in my marriage and that was enough."

Christine, who is now back from maternity leave presenting Loose Women one day a week and who stands in for Lorraine Kelly on her eponymous morning programme, said she "ruled out IVF after seeing too many friends go through such a gruelling process".

"People assume that's what happened on account of my age," she added. "But I became pregnant the old-fashioned way immediately. I wasn't expecting it to be so quick.

"I'd been feeling a bit weird for a day or two, so I did a test and while I was waiting for the result I was distracted by housework and got stuck into the vacuuming. Eventually I wandered back to check. I was astonished to find it was positive."

She described her husband, who manages Derby County and has two daughters from his relationship with model Elen Rivas, as a "brilliant dad".

Christine also told how her life was "shaped" by the Troubles.

"One of my earliest memories is being scooped out of the bath by my mum because soldiers were at the door saying there was a bomb," she said.

Recalling the 1993 bombing at Roma's Bar in Newtownards, she added: "When I was 14 I was playing outside when a car bomb went off about a mile away and I was covered in dust and rubble. It ripped the heart out of the community; it was devastating."

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