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Claire Sweeney: I've changed completely since becoming a mother

West End star Claire Sweeney has said she sees the world through different eyes now she is a mother.

The former Brookside actress, 45, has a two-year-old son Jaxon and said he has transformed her life.

She told Hello magazine: "I've changed completely since he was born. All my choices are influenced by him. My first thought before I do anything is, 'What would be best for Jaxon?'

"I look at the world through different eyes now."

The boy is even following in her musical footsteps, with Sweeney revealing: "He loves playing the drums and at home he tries to play my piano, too.

"He talks a lot, copies everything I say and has a sense of humour."

Sweeney split from her former fiance Daniel Reilly, who is Jaxon's father, last June, but said she is happy without a man.

"When I decide to let a man into my life, he would need to be a good influence around Jaxon," she told the magazine.

"So my ideal partner would be very different to the wild types I used to date years ago; I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole now.

"I've never been married so it would be nice one day but I will never compromise.

"I'm very happy - my life is full of the work that I love, great mates with whom I have a ball, and my little boy, who gives me all the love I need."

:: The latest issue of Hello is out now.


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