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Clancy appeals for old baby clothes

Abbey Clancy, Joanna Lumley and Zoe Ball have posed together to help raise money for struggling mothers around the world.

Strictly Come Dancing winner Abbey, 28, actress Joanna, 67, and presenter Zoe, 43, are urging parents not to throw old children's clothes away.

Instead, the celebrity mothers want people to donate the unwanted items to the Marks & Spencer and Oxfam campaign, Love, Mum.

Clothes, of any brand, can be dropped off at M&S stores nationwide in the run-up to Mother's Day and a ll money raised from the project will go - through Oxfam - to help mothers around the world lift themselves out of poverty, with t he Government pledging to match the value of everything donated to the campaign.

Joanna said: "It is a strange but true fact that the smaller the human being, the more clothes they inevitably need.

"Our children grow so quick that the clothing we bought a week ago are often too small to be worn again. Yet, we are often guilty of throwing these away or holding on to them as they hold emotional memories for us as new mums."

The Ab Fab star added: "No clothing, no matter how small, should end up in landfill and harm the environment. Dig deep into the back of the wardrobe, get that box from the cellar... your small donation will have a huge impact on someone's life."

Abbey, who has a two-year-old daughter, said: " Supporting Oxfam's Mother Appeal is easy, you can donate unwanted goods to Oxfam shops or M&S, hold a fundraising event with friends, or simply donate money via Oxfam's website and you'll be helping mothers worldwide change their future."

Zoe, a mother of two, said: "For many mums around the world, it (being a mother) is the toughest job, fighting every day to find enough food to feed your little ones, trying to keep them healthy often without access to even basic healthcare, and worrying about their future without a guarantee of education for them or facing challenging political situations.

"So, we're calling on all mums and grandmas out there to do a little bit to help other mums around the world less fortunate than ourselves."


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