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Clary banned from innuendo by ITV

Julian Clary has admitted he made TV executives nervous when he joined the judging panel of Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The comic told The Sun he was banned from making saucy innuendos by the ITV celebrity singing contest's bosses in case he offended the family audience.

He said: "It's rather daring of them to hire me. I understand the executive nervousness. They were wandering around in the first week telling me I can't say any innuendos whatsoever.

"I said that the whole point of a double meaning is that for those that are easily offended, it can mean another thing. It's all calming down now. I do have that sort of reputation - that I could say something frightful and frighten the horses. But I don't intend to. The fear in their eyes is diminishing week by week."

Julian, 54, said he'd love to take part as a contestant in the show and thinks the format is great.

He said: "I'd like to be someone from Status Quo and sing Down Down. It gets more bizarre each week. I really love the end of the show when we learn who is doing what next week."

The judge said he'd love to take on a chat show for his next project.

"I'd like to do a more relaxed, less formatted show," he said. "The plan is to do it in a theatre and that's one thing I haven't done... I'd like to talk to Cilla Black. I'd like to talk to everyone from Sir Ian McKellan to Andy Murray.

"I'm very good at counselling my friends and coming up with solutions to their problems. Even if they don't want to talk, I'll winkle it out of them."


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