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Claudia: Tyler is my style icon

Claudia Winkleman has revealed that her style icon is Steven Tyler.

The presenter, known for her thick fringe and dark eye make-up, said that she didn't like to spend too much time on her appearance.

She said: "I want to look like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith - all messed up hair, eyes, sinewy, jeans, a pointed boot, and the general slight mishap. I don't like looking clean and tidy."

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter added that she is not concerned by the looming approach of her 40th birthday.

She said: "It's a milestone that I can't wait for, I wouldn't be 22 again for a million pounds. I like being old and grown up - I like sitting and eating shepherd's pie and playing scrabble. Before I had to pretend I liked standing up and drinking martinis.

"Now I can just be me. Being rebellious and a teenager didn't suit me - it was hideous. I'm the most boring person you'd ever meet, I could win an award!

"There's no cosmetic surgery for me. I hope I just don't care, but in reality I will just grow my fringe and then you will have to sweep it to find my face! And I'll wear big jackets!"

:: Claudia Winkleman is working with Twinings on its 'Gets You Back To You' campaign to inspire busy women to take 10 quality minutes every day to focus on themselves and reconnect.


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