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Clive James up for Costa Book Award

Clive James is in the running to win a £30,000 literary prize for his translation of Italian poet Dante.

The Australian writer and TV presenter, who has struggled with ill health in the last few years, is best known for his hit show Clive James On Television and has had a long, successful career as a prominent literary critic and journalist.

He worked as a television columnist for The Observer and his own show, Clive James On Television, ran for years, with his wry commentary on programmes such as Japanese game show Endurance making him a household name.

Clive's book, a translation of epic poem The Divine Comedy, was described by Costa Book Awards judges as "a towering achievement that will stand the test of time".

The Costa awards, open to UK-based writers, are divided into five categories: f irst novel, novel, biography, poetry and children's book.

The winners of each category pick up £5,000 with an overall winner getting £30,000 at a ceremony in central London on Tuesday January 28. Last year's overall winner was Hilary Mantel for Bring Up The Bodies.


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