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Clooney: My meaty meeting with dog

George Clooney had an unusual trick for bonding with his new dog - rubbing meatballs on his shoes.

The Ides Of March star fell in love with pup Einstein after spotting his profile on a shelter's website, but was told if there wasn't a connection, the dog would go to another home.

He told US Esquire of their first meeting: "I start to panic that Einstein is not going to like me, so I run into the kitchen, where I have these turkey meatballs, and I rub them all over my shoes...

"Who knew Einstein was such a food whore on top of everything? He throws himself at my feet."

George revealed that the "part cocker spaniel or something" is a big fan of his new owner.

"Forever, now, he just thinks of me as the guy with the meatball feet. He loves me. I can do no wrong. He follows me everywhere."


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