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Clooney steers clear of Twitter

George Clooney has explained he will never join Twitter because he doesn't trust himself not to write something silly after having a drink.

The Gravity star told Variety his fans were unlikely to be able to start following him on social media any time soon and that he thinks there is no need to be so available all the time.

He said: "Just because, I like to have a drink at night. I could easily say something stupid, and I also don't think you need to be that available.

"I don't see Matt [Damon] or Brad [Pitt] or myself wanting to get our thoughts out in a 140-character thing at three in the morning."

George, 52, added that he could think of many ways for tweets to go wrong: " God forbid, you take a sleeping pill and wake up and the sentences don't even make sense. What a horrible idea."


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