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Clover the guide dog keeps her cool as light bulb explodes on This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were upstaged by a guide dog when it came to keeping calm as a light bulb exploded on air during This Morning.

The ITV co-hosts both jumped visibly as a bright flash was followed by a loud bang during filming.

They were doing a segment on a guide dog named Clover, who did not flinch at all after the "explosion".

Willoughby jumped and asked: "What was that?"

Schofield praised Clover, who was sitting obediently at his feet, saying: "What I love is the fact that the lamp exploded, everybody jumped apart from Clover."

Willoughby checked if everyone was OK backstage and a voice could be heard saying "yes".

This Morning tweeted their praise for the brave dog writing: "When a studio lightbulb exploded... and @TMClover proved she's one cool customer!"

Viewers were also enamoured with Clover, with one commenting on Twitter: "Love how @TMClover kept it together, so professional!".

Another said: "Awww and clover did not bat an eyelid , such cool dog."


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