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Clunes can't resist documentaries

Martin Clunes has admitted he worries that his documentaries might spoil his chances as an actor.

The Doc Martin star has made several documentaries including A Man And His Dog and Martin Clunes - Heavy Horsepower.

He said the latter was "no-one's idea but mine and they weren't sure of it to be honest".

The former Men Behaving Badly star has also flown to Kenya to make a documentary about the wildlife conservationist Tony Fitzjohn.

"When it's animals I absolutely love it," he said.

"The opportunities and the places and the people I get to go and see are too good to pass on, even if I worry that I might spoil my chances as an actor".

There are rumours that the next Doc Martin could be the final series.

But the star dismissed the reports, saying: "I think people enjoy that silly face and I want to go for as long as we can get away with it".

:: Doc Martin returns for a new eight-part series starting on ITV on Monday, September 2


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