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Cohen gets flirty on yacht at Cannes

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has managed to raise a few eyebrows at the Cannes Film Festival today.

The actor has been making headlines of late - staying in character as Admiral General Aladeen from his new film The Dictator during interviews. The leader is a man who doesn't understand democracy, causing problems when he comes to America.

Sacha's latest stunt to promote the comedy film involved George Clooney's ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. The actor frolicked with the 33-year-old Italian model, who was wearing a hot pink bikini, on board a yacht ahead of the glamorous film event.

The pair were seen laughing together and enjoying several glasses of champagne on the top deck of the luxurious vessel.

Things got flirty, with Sacha treating the gorgeous star to a seductive massage and pouring champagne over her scantily-clad body.

After the playful antics, Sacha was seen dragging Elisabetta along the deck by her feet, before one of Aladeen's armed advisors made an appearance with a black body bag and threw the contents into the sea.

Sacha was also spotted enjoying a camel ride outside a row of high-end stores, much to the confusion of onlookers.

The animal featured a Wadiya 1 license plate - in reference to the country Aladeen rules. All went well until he tried to dismount the camel, whereupon he stumbled.

The Cannes Film Festival attracts the biggest Hollywood stars. Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger and Tilda Swinton have all been spotted arriving at the international film event.

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