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Colin Farrell to be gay brother Eamon's best man

By Kevin Doyle

Actor Colin Farrell is set to be best man at his brother's wedding once legislation is passed to allow for gay marriages in the Republic.

The Hollywood star says he regrets not travelling home to be in Dublin Castle as the referendum votes came in May.

"If I'm honest, selfishly I'm sick I wasn't at home. It nearly took the joy out of it for me," he said.

"I was happy for everybody else but I was looking at the pictures online of Dublin Castle and was sick. I think in life sometimes you just want to be around good stuff.

"You want to be around people that are up for the craic and kind, that you feel you can lean into and that you're OK with them leaning into you," the star said.

His brother Eamon plans to marry his partner Stephen Mannion next year. They originally married in Vancouver in Canada in 2009 but, having spoken out during the marriage referendum, now want to have Irish nuptials.

However they, like thousands of other couples, must await the outcome of two legal challenges to the referendum which will be heard by the Court of Appeal in Dublin on Thursday.

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