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Colin Firth: Beauty is a burden

Colin Firth has said it is hard to be beautiful as people assume you have no substance.

The Oscar-winning actor - who became a heartthrob after his infamous wet shirt scene while playing Mr Darcy in Pride And Prejudice in 1995 - complained to that he thinks beautiful people are resented by others.

Colin said: "There was a time when a beautiful person was considered something fine and to be celebrated. Now a beautiful person is assumed to be shallow and flaky.

"If you are beautiful in today's society, you are presumed to have no substance. I think a lot of talented and very bright people who are also physically beautiful have to work very hard if they don't want to just lean on their looks.

"I think there's resentment, there is the feeling that you can't have it all. I think the complexities of our own urban lives mean that there are opportunities for people who are not physically beautiful.

"I think it is rather expected that if you want to become a professor, that you don't look like someone from Baywatch. And I think someone that has the mind of a professor and also looks like Baywatch would just p**s people off because they don't want them to have all of that."

The 51-year-old actor also revealed starring in musical Mamma Mia! has not satiated his urge to sing.

He revealed: "I'm afraid this causes a lot of tension between me and the rest of the world, you know my enthusiasm for singing and the rest of the world's enthusiasm for me not singing. I sang at my wife's birthday the other day to cries of 'less,' but I loved it."


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