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Collins: No passion in kiss scenes

Lily Collins insists there's nothing romantic about kissing scenes - and that they're simply awkward.

The Mirror Mirror actress, 24, smooches her rumoured British boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower in new film The Mortal Instruments.

She told Glamour magazine: "In terms of kissing, I promise you that it is super awkward and super unsexy because everyone's staring."

Asked why so many cast members fall for their co-stars, she said: "People are cast because they have chemistry.

"You're spending 24-hour days together and it's intense... plus you really get to know the best and worst sides of people - the rawest sides of people."

She added: "You're perfect for the role because you have that connection with each other and sometimes that translates into more."

Lily, the daughter of pop legend Phil Collins, also insisted that her good looks and complexion sometimes counted against her when it came to landing film roles.

"Sometimes I'll make myself tired beforehand so that I've got a little bit more going on with my face," she said.


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