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Connolly warns PM over pledges

Comedy star Billy Connolly says there will be "hell to pay" if David Cameron doesn't honour concessions made to Scotland over last week's independence referendum.

The Prime Minister pledged more powers for Holyrood, as well as new powers over areas such as tax and welfare.

SNP leader Alex Salmond claimed Westminster party leaders tricked people into voting No to independence, and Scottish stand-up favourite Connolly warned against reneging on those pledges.

Speaking at the London premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday, the Big Yin said: " It's 50:50 - 50% of the country are delighted, 50% are disappointed. But Scotland will get used to the idea.

"If Mr Cameron keeps up his promises we should be okay. If he doesn't there'll be all hell to pay."

On the eve of the referendum vote, Connolly said he no longer lived in the country so he didn't have the opportunity - or enthusiasm - to vote.

He added tonight: "Scotland is kind of fed up - no matter what they vote for they get what England votes for.

"I think that was driving the whole thing. So if you vote to stay together, you get (Ukip leader) Nigel Farage and all that baloney and baggage."


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