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Considine: We lost Whicher's hat

Paddy Considine has revealed how his portrayal of Victorian detective Jack Whicher was almost thrown into disarray when the props department lost his hat.

The actor, writer and director returns in the title role for two more instalments of ITV drama The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher, but told how when he came to film the new episodes he couldn't find his signature bowler hat.

Paddy said: "We couldn't find the original. As an actor, I was saying, 'Well, this is a really integral part of the character.'

"But we found a good replacement. At the end of the day, you just stick it on your head and get on with it. It's a hat, man."

The previous Whicher films, inspired by real-life Scotland Yard detective Jonathan "Jack" Whicher, saw Paddy's character suffer a breakdown, get pushed out of the police force and pursue a career as a "private inquiry agent".

In the upcoming third and fourth instalments, Whicher rebuilds himself professionally, and personally, and takes on some perplexing new cases, ranging from political scandal to divorce work.

Paddy confessed he "wasn't happy with what I'd done" after the first film, based on Kate Summerscale's bestselling novel, aired in 2011.

"I played him with a kind of Cockney accent. I never felt that was the character and I was almost squeezed into doing it that way. So when they proposed the second one, I said, 'That's great, but I want to play him how I see him... otherwise, someone else can play him'," reveals the actor, who decided to soften the character's accent.

"The [producers] were great and let me do it - nobody really noticed that I'd changed the accent! So when I came to do these next two, I'd already found him. It was a lot easier coming back this time, because he felt so familiar."

:: The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher III - Beyond The Pale airs on ITV on Sunday, September 7. The fourth film, The Ties That Bind, airs on Sunday, September 14.


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