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Corden: I'm small speck in universe

James Corden has revealed he combats stress by searching Google Earth to remind himself what a small part he is of such a big world.

The 36-year-old actor and comedian has just taken over hosting The Late Late Show in America, and admitted he has felt the pressure of taking on the job.

James said: "Well, I think it's important to 'Google Earth' yourself from time to time, and see how irrelevant a lot of it is.

"That makes me feel a bit better. It makes me go, 'That's a pretty high-class problem, if your late night show on CBS gets cancelled...'

"It's not a big a deal really, it's just my career. The things that are actually going to shake me and hit me are things I will never ever be able to control. It'll be the 3am phone call one day when something has actually happened."

And the father-of-two insisted his main reason from accepting the job was because it allowed him to remain in one place, spending more time with his family.

James said: "Here's a job where someone is saying you can really be around and be a present father and husband," said the actor, who'll live in California with his young family.

"That's incredibly precious. All your children want is for you to be around. They really don't care what car you drive or what house you live in, or anything like that, they just want you to be around, and I'm thrilled that until the show gets cancelled, I will be able to."

But the Into The Woods star doesn't have high hopes.

He added: "I'm going to give it my absolute best and give it everything I've got to try and make a show that will make America smile before, or more likely, while they fall asleep.

"But I'm under no illusions that it will be anything other than a disaster, because what are the chances? I'm 16st, from High Wycombe and I've never really been on American network TV before, so it couldn't feel more random.

"But I'm going to enjoy the ride. I'm determined to enjoy it."

He later added of how the British sense of humour would go down: "I'll be lucky if there's any humour in it - it's terrifying. I couldn't be less looking forward to it, I wish I could put it off to 2018 and just sit and cry about it."


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