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Corden worried for all-American kid

James Corden has revealed he is worried that his daughter will grow up to have an American accent, thanks to his new job in the US.

The Into The Woods star has been signed up as the new host of talk show The Late Late Show, and while appearing as a guest on Alan Carr's New Year's Specstacular, said he was apprehensive about the effect it might have on his children.

James admitted: "The thing I'm worried about is we've just had our daughter and she's five weeks old, and is going to move - she's just going to be American.

"She's going to come back - London's just going to be a place she comes to at Christmas - she's going to be like [puts on American accent], 'Oh my God. What's this white stuff falling from the sky? My nana and grandad don't even have a pool, this is disgusting'."

Jonathan Ross, also a guest on Alan's chat show, made a revelation about the job James was due to begin.

He said: "I'm going to tell you something that I don't think James knew - years and years and years ago, when David Letterman first moved to CBS, I was offered that show, believe it or not, and I turned it down for two reasons.

"One, because my children were a bit older than James' so they already had their friends and social life so we couldn't really move over, and secondly I turned it down because I didn't think I could pull it off, and I think I was right, but if there's one person in this room who could pull it off in America, it's James Corden.

"For real - he's one of the few guys I think could make it work over there, and I think he'll be huge."

James replied: "That's amazing, but it's only going to make it more embarrassing when I'm back in six months going, 'Yeah, kind of didn't work'."

Alan Carr's New Year's Specstacular is due to air on Channel 4 on New Year's Eve at 9pm.


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