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Coronation Street's Carla Connor left for dead as Alison King quits Weatherfield

Coronation Street's Carla Connor - played by Alison King - has been left for dead after getting caught up in an attack at Nick's Bistro.

King is set to leave the ITV show after a decade in Weatherfield, with no plans to return to the character.

In scenes aired on Monday evening, the feisty boss of local factory Underworld was attacked by Jamie Bowman (James Atherton) and his friend Lee as part of a botched robbery intended to scare employee Steph Britton (Tisha Merry).

Unfortunately for Jamie and Lee, they found the Bistro in darkness and without anything worth stealing. A power cut had forced the cafe to close early, the tills were empty and Steph was absent.

The two would-be burglars instead caught Carla drinking by herself after visiting Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) at the Bistro to warn him not to go into business with her fiance, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

The only other witness to the robbery was Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), who had come to the Bistro to surprise boyfriend Rob. Instead, she eavesdropped - and heard about Rob and Carla's secret one-night stand.

Listening at the door, she had heard Rob say: "You and me keep quiet, no one ever finds out what happened."

Carla told Rob that it was a bad idea for him to stay and go into business with Nick, and tried unsuccessfully to persuade him to move away, telling him: "What this is is dangerous. I'm asking you to look somewhere else."

The two had a row, before Rob left her alone in the Bistro to collect her thoughts.

T roubled Tracy was eyeing a kitchen knife when Jamie and Lee burst through the door.

But Tracy was not inclined to help Carla get out of the sticky situation, especially having heard her tell Rob: "Tracy is like some kind of sick joke. It's not going to last. Tracy is an evil, manipulative coward. She will spit you out like a stone of an olive."

Instead, she left Carla to fend for herself.

Finding nothing else of value in the Bistro, a frustrated Jamie snatched Carla's handbag.

Carla gave chase and was then dragged along the road by the getaway car as Jamie told her: "You're the stupidest woman I've ever met."

Carla replied: "You're the stupidest robber."

When Rob found her in the street, she was seriously injured and unconscious.

Early reports had indicated that King was taking a temporary break from the soap.

In May 2015, ITV released a statement saying she was "taking a sabbatical for creative reasons".

But earlier this month she confirmed that while the show's producers had made it possible for her to return, she had decided to call it quits.

The actress told the Radio Times: "It's been put out there that I'm taking a sabbatical, but I'm not."

She added: "They've very graciously left the doors open for me to come back if I want to. And I haven't ruled that out. But this is a new chapter for me."

During her time on the soap, King, 42, has been a key member of the Corrie cast.

Her character's numerous trials and tribulations have included the breakdown of her first marriage to Paul Connor (played by Sean Gallagher), her second to Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) and her third to Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Carla was a victim of rape, was held hostage, battled alcoholism and attempted suicide.

However, for many fans, the most memorable storyline was her torrid love triangle with brother-in-law Liam (played by Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier) and his wife Maria (Samia Ghadie).

The doomed love affair ended brutally in 2008 when Carla's jealous husband Tony hired someone to murder Liam.

Talking about her tenure, King said: "I'm now going into my 10th year. So all Daisy (her daughter) has ever known is me getting out of the house at 7.30 in the morning and getting back when she's in bed.

"I've probably only ever done about 20 pick-ups or drop-offs in all the time she's been at school, which is quite sad."


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