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Corrie's Alison King set to part company with character Carla Connor

Coronation Street star Alison King has revealed her regrets about the traits she gave her character Carla Connor 10 years ago.

The actress, who is saying goodbye to the cobbles after starring in the ITV soap for a decade, wishes she had never put on the "nasally voice" and towering heels - as she had to live with both for her entire time on the show.

On her advice to herself if she were starting again, she said: "Wear flat shoes right from the start. Try and create something for the writers to get excited about. Give your character a few mannerisms that aren't just on the page.

" Wear flats, seriously. It's knackered my feet. And don't do a nasally voice."

Her final storyline revolves around her wedding to Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) - but all does not go smoothly, as her long-time nemesis Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) is determined to ruin her wedding day by revealing that Carla cheated on her groom with Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill).

The outcome of the wedding has not been revealed, but King teased: "My last scene was staring at my wedding dress."

She added: "I think the one good thing about an exit sometimes is that it can give you that poignant end - there is an end and it gives you that big cliffhanger.

"For Nick, I think there's a lot he would forgive but then it gets very mushed because of bloody Tracy! Tracy just does your head in!"

The run-up to the wedding will see a paranoid Carla constantly in fear that her secret one night stand will be revealed.

King said: "As the day approaches she's hit by the enormity of it and the shame over what she's done.

"A few throwaway comments from the girls as she's getting ready really resonate with her and the pressure of her guilt starts to get to her. She just wants to get through the day, marry Nick and move away from the street where she can start afresh."

King added: "It's all becoming too much for Carla but she's trying so hard to keep a lid on it, she's desperate to stop her big day from unravelling."

On her reasons for leaving behind feisty Underworld boss Carla, King said she wanted to spend more time with her seven-year-old daughter Daisy Mae.

She explained: "I want to do other things, I want to spend more time with my daughter and I'm tired all the time. It's that simple."

But the actress admitted she was nervous about going to acting auditions after so long.

She said: "I've forgotten how to make up a different character - just need to remember how to do that!"


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