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Corrie's Charlie Lawson tells Louis Walsh: 'P*** off, Belfast is a great city

Charlie Lawson - Coronation Street's Jim McDonald - has hit back at former X Factor judge Louis Walsh's criticism over Belfast, saying it's a great city - so it is.

Charlie was speaking on the BBC Stephen Nolan show a week after Walsh said Dublin was "much more fun" and compared to Belfast "like two different planets".

Mr Lawson, famed for his role as the long-suffering Jim in long-running soap Coronation Street, said: "Louis is a nice man - I'm just sticking up for our wee town.

"Dublin is too expensive and full of strange people and stag and hen parties with people throwing up all over the place, as far as I can see.

"I was there five years ago and found it a bit disappointing, I'd never seen so much litter.

"Down south when they emigrate to America sure they sing songs about coming home."

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Belfast, Charlie said, had lots to offer with its Michelin star restaurants, its "fine people and fine drink".

"It has a dark past and still problems but sure we get on with it and have a great time.

"And the city is one of the most architecturally beautiful there is.

"It's about an hour from beautiful Fermanagh and about the same to the north coast, so it's like a hub.

"You do have the odd gripe, licencing laws and trading laws on a Sunday for example and for God's sake people pick up your litter.

"But it has huge amounts to offer and it's my home town."

Lawson revealed that he had been working on a production for the BBC in Belfast for the past three months and after a 36-year career as an actor mostly spent in England, the 56-year-old said he was hunting for a place so that he could return to the city.

"It's Belfast for me - simple as that. It's the centre of Northern Ireland for me," he added.   

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